March 6th, 2007

Games, losers, and me.



Work kinda sucks. Ive got a boss who’s shit, A boss who isnt technically my boss but acts like im a little slave to do all of his bidding. Very very annoying.


I went to stee’s on saturday, played a little Guitar hero II. I robbed it back off him, cause hes getting too good. I did leave him GHI and the guitar, so we could both kinda of practise.


I Like to think im not too hypocritical, but i will admit i have my hypocritical moments. And thats one.


To explain that, some background.

      I love games. I’ve always been good at games. In fact, the only thing i WAS good at growing up was games. Crap at sports, an over achiever in school, but i went to crap schools so my high achievment is actually pretty lame. But games. I was always Awesome at games. Crap at sports, Mediocre intellectually. Great geeks.





On the subject of games; i honestly think that people dont realise how much my games mean to me.


Katie once said to me: “Why do you even care, how can it even satisfy you?”


I mean, to me, my games are my successess.




Anyway. Hopefully those who dont get it might eventually read this post and understand why im so obsessed with games. To a loser / geek / Self hater like me, its a chance to feel good about myself. Which is very rare in my mind.


Anyway, out for now.

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