Stars Hallelujah (djl4c) wrote in geeksunite,
Stars Hallelujah

my apologies if this isnt the kinda thing y'all are interested in, but just in case any one out there wants it...

my purpose is to have lots of people post it in their own journals to get it circulated like my old What's your life rated? quiz. so if you don't mind... :)

What Star Wars species are you?

I'm a Wookie!

Famous fellow members of my species:

My species' special abilities:
Brute strength, marksmanship, intelligence, engineering prowess

My species' general role:
Engineers, assassins, marksmen

Movies my species is in:
Episode I and III-VI

What Star Wars species would you be?

again, my apologies if that's not what this community wants to see - but if it is, do tell, i've got lots planned.
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