Liana (toodumbforthis) wrote in geeksunite,

help with engineering techy stuff

Okay bear with me. I'm going to sound really really clueless because I am.

This is for a school project. I dont know if this is completely offtopic but I'm posting here because I figured maybe someone can help me.

I need help with the list of materials and maybe basic description on how to assemble the product.

what is our product?
"The Forget-Me-Not is an electronic voice recording instrument that can be placed by the front door of a house. It is a reminder that prevents people from forgetting essential tasks or items for the day, as they are leaving their homes. This device will consist of a touch lcd screen. Each family member will have a file with their messages. Additional features include: play, stop, pause, next/ fast-forward, previous/ rewind, and delete buttons. Any member in a household can leave a voice message for another member or for him/her self by simply pressing a designated button and recording a message... "

Basically a more techy post-it notes/recording machine.

So I was wondering if anyone can tell me the parts needed to assmeble a touch screen, audio/mic (to record the message), software and have this product. We don't actually need to make this. We just need to figure out how we're assembling it in theory.

Hopefully this looong, rambling post made sense. If anyone can help, im me or respond here.

Aim: I Exist InTheory

thanks in advance :)
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