taloola_2003 (taloola_2003) wrote in geeksunite,


Gotta HUGE favor to ask all you high school/college kids that save papers. My sister is taking a history class online and needs papers on the following topis:

how has geography influenced the course of history?

How have people worked and earned a living/organized the economy?

How have people been governed, individual rights and liberties (free of goverened)?

How have we gained knowledge and passed it onto our decendants?

How have different relegions arisen and changed our lives?

How have arts reflected the people and those who create?

How have nations setteled their conflicts? Does war solve anything?

What forces goverened the rise and fall of nations?

These papers can be as loosley related as possibal. She just needs at leats 5 1/2 pgs. per paper. 2 papers requiered. If anyone has anything like this that they'd like to donate it would be greatly appreciated. Deadline for her is ASAP. Thanks for the cooroperation. taloola_2003@yahoo.com
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