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AGC: Another Gaming Comic

Here's the homepage of my weekly comic, AGC: Another Gaming Comic. Despite my EXTREMELY dubious "art" quality, I'm told it has a lot of laughs for anybody who is, or used to be a pen-and-paper roleplaying gamer, or even anyone with a sufficient gaming background (MMOs, maybe even CCGs) to follow the so-called action.

My archives (although they are primitive non-template based link archives) have over 250 strips, starting from so long ago that the art was EVEN WORSE and the dialogue tended to be a lot more brief.
I also post humorous written D&D excerpts every second week, drawn from the notes I take in my group's weekly RPG sessions.

COMMENTS POLL For anyone who reads a bunch of the comics, and a few of the Real-life D&D Excerpts, post your vote for which group of gamers is more out-of-control: Nuclear Dan and the other fictional gamers from the comic, or Balcoth and the other players (identified only by character names to protect the innocent) who drive GM nuts every week?
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