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Wanted: 6 of the best

queerplanet is one of the world's highest ranking GLBT online magazines and we're looking for 6 of the best! You are already interested in writing and we are interested in what you have to say. We are looking for 6 people to join our international team. We are looking for one senior writer in each of the following areas:

Beauty (skin care),
Queer Punk,
Design (cartoonist/graphic designer)

If you have interests in any of those areas and you have your own views on what's in and what's out then we want you! Please visit here: http://www.qpglobal.com/join.php and complete the form asap.

Andrew Stopps
Creative Director
Goddess Rena Kiss

Recent Acts of Geek-ness.

-I received the Growlanser Generations Deluxe Editon for Christmas. For $90, it came with a full deck of playing cards, a ring with necklace chain, a watch, a 22-track OST, and two games. I'm wearing the ring and watch right now. :D
-Just yesterday I wrote three deep letters to animals in Animal Crossing.
-Had an orgasm when I bought the Street Fighter Anniversary Collection. 0-0
-Started talking about Phantasy Star II today, began to feel like I wanted to weep...
-Have I mentioned I've seriously suggested the name "Aerith" to my girlfriend? ^^;
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grammar pop quiz!!!

i was just thinking about how awesome and tricky enlgish grammar can be. choose the correct sentence:

(a) Sorry I'm late, I was dressing the kids and me.
(b) Sorry I'm late, I was dressing the kids and myself.
(c) Sorry I'm late, I was dressing the kids and I.
(d) None of the above.
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