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geeksunite's Journal

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geeks unite!
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Welcome to the geekiest place on livejournal. This community is for real geeks. People who've been geeks for as long as they can remember. Not those newfangled "cool geeks." That's an oxymoron anyhow.

Inspired by electrojazz (this post, specifically), urged on by nonsequiter, created by hyperdonut.

Join and be loved, geek.
80s movies, 80s music, 80s television, activism, adult swim, allergies, anime, argyle, art, arts and crafts, awards, baby-sitters club, bad jokes, band, being accident prone, being blunt, being passionate, being yourself, big words, billy idol, board games, books, bow-ties, braces, buffy, building things, buttons, cafés, cartoons, chapstick, cheese, cheesiness, classical music, cleverness, clumsiness, comics, computers, cons, contests, creativity, cutting your own hair, d.i.y., dancing alone, dioramas, discussions, dorks, drama, drawing, dvds, dweebs, eddie izzard, education, energy, engineers, explodingdog, fixing things, foreign cinema, foreign languages, freaks, fuck the "cool" kids, gadgets, geek love, geekiness, geeks, giggling, gizmos, glasses, grammar, hobbies, home movies, html, instant messenger, intelligence, internet, late-night television, latin, laughing, laughing at yourself, learning, legos, libraries, lists, livejournal, marathons, movies, music, nerds, nerdslut.org, never shutting up, obscure facts, obscure references, obsessions, office supplies, online comics, online shopping, parapsychology, performance art, pickup lines, playing instruments, pocket protectors, poetry, politeness, programming, projects, punctuation, puns, queer, quirks, quotes, randomness, reading rainbow, research, resourcefulness, rpgs, school, sci-fi, self-deprecating humor, shoelaces, shoes, silliness, singing in the shower, sock puppets, spazzes, spelling, spelling bees, star wars, suspenders, talent, talking, teacher's pet, technology, telling stories, the simpsons, the sims, the x-files, theatre, theonion.com, theories, things, thinking, thrift stores, ties, tube socks, twilight zone, video games, web design, weirdness, wes anderson, wit, writing

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